Who can apply for a loan ?
CashLion loans are not limited your profession, income, or any other conditions. As long as you are 20-60 years old and have a fixed income and phone number, you can apply for an CashLion loan.
What information do i need to provide ?
Simply follow the instructions and answer all the questions as asked. Make sure to provide your authentic information.
Will my information leak ?
We promise that we will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent.
How to apply for loan in CashLion?
Fill in personal data, work information, emergency contact, identity authentication and then review.
What is the maximum loan amount one can receive ?
Currently during this pilot period the loan limit is ₦ 1500-2500 only. However once we go live the limit will be up to ₦ 200K.
How to repay CashLion loan?
You have two ways to repay your CashLion loan.
Repay via bank card:
1. Enter the bill details, select the bank card payment method, confirm that all the details are correct, and click [Repay Now];
2. Enter your bank card password;
3. Enter the OTP sent to your phone to complete the repayment;
Repay via offline transfer:
1. Enter bill details, select offline transfer method, repayment amount and receiving account;
2. Complete the repayment by bank / online transfer to this account;
How do I repay the loan? Can I repay the loan early ?
You will receive a message on your phone two days before the due date reminding you to repay the loan. You can repay the loan by entering your bank card in the APP or offline transfer. Early loan repayment is accepted.
Can I pay a loan on behalf of someone else ?
Yes, you can, through your bank card payment or offline transfer to repay the loan on behalf of others.
What happens if I overpay my loan ?
After verifying your payment, excess amount will be reversed to your Bank account within 7 days.
What happens if I pay my loan late ?
Any late loan repayment automatically incurs a late fee of 2% per day. Therefore, please ensure that your loan is not overdue. Moreover, it may affect your credit score to get a loan in the future. Your overdue records will be reported to the credit bureau if your loan is overdue for more than 30 days.
How do I get the latest version of app ?
You can go to Google Play, search for “CashLion” then click “Update”.
Forget password?
You can go to log-in page and select forget password.